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Discontinued or liquidating door lever source

9 years ago

Hello all

I am a first time poster, but long time reader. I have searched the site for an answer to my question, but haven't found an answer. I'm hoping the collective wisdom on this site can help me.

We are 3 weeks into a major reno covering most of our main floor and a part of the second floor of our home, built in the late 70's.

I would like to replace all of our gold color door knobs with polished chrome lever handles. We are trying to be budget conscious and thrifty (read good quality at the best price possible) renovators. I am trying to find an online source that liquidates door levers that are being discontinued or someone's incorrect order and returned. I have been checking craigslist and kijiji regulary, but haven't found the quantity of matching knobs that I need (9 pass through, 2 dummy knobs and 2 exterior door).

We live in Vancouver, but often order from US websites as we find the savings to be worth the import duty.

Any tips or advice you have is welcome and graciously accepted!

Thanks in advance!.

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