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Cost to build garage with master bedroom suite above it

9 years ago

I'm looking at a 10 acre wooded property near Dayton, OH. It's a for sale by owner and the owners have it priced very reasonable. Currently there is a 1486 sq foot brick ranch house with a full basement underneath. Attached to the one side of a house is a car port that has direct access to the basement via a man door and single car garage door. The car port looks like it's an adhoc job as it has i-beams criss-crossing each other and a poured concrete patio above it. The concrete floor of the carport is all cracked up. If I bought this property, what I would like to do is tear out the car port and patio that is above it and put up a garage with a room above it. The way the land slopes, the garage would be at the basement level and the room above it would be at the main level and just an extension to the house. The house is 26' wide so I'm thinking of making the garage/room extension that wide and maybe 22' or 24' long. Above the garage I would want to put in a master bedroom suite that consisted of the master bedroom, a walk-in closet, and a bath with a walk-in shower and whirlpool/soaking tub. It would have average materials in; nothing really high end. Where there is currently a single car garage door, I'd like to wall that back up so the only entrance to the basement through the garage is via the man door. Since I don't own the property, it would be hard to get people to give an estimate. Does anyone have a ballpark idea what something like this would cost? A friend of mine is concerned that with all of the rehabs I want to do to this place, it may be cheaper to build new or look at other properties. In addition to doing the garage/room extension to the house, I was planning to rehab some of the main house to include converting part of a smaller bedroom to a laundry room and then extending the living room to take up the rest of the space of the smaller bedroom. The walls being moved/changed are non-supporting. Then I plan to update the flooring, cabinets/counters, windows, and doors in all of the house.

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