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Bargain cottage - more before & after pics

15 years ago

Ok, here are more before and after pictures. I'm so excited to nearly be done. It's been exactly 5 weeks - record time - and I'm exhausted. This time, because of my incredible low budget - I was the painter, tile installer, carpenter, garbage girl, etc.. almost every job...

a few before & afters (some are hard to follow - I removed one wall completely and turned one small door opening into a 7 ft archway, removed a doorway, and moved one door around the corner):


this is the kitchen before (it's the wall at the back of the kitchen where you see the window and almost no cabinets now - when I put my addition on next year, this wall will be a 7 foot opening to a den and then hall to the master suite):


my banquette is still in progress (imagine a leaf in the table - forgot it at home today). needs to be painted... black or ivory to match cabinets?

this is the same corner (same window) - the door to a small office behind the fireplace was moved around the corner.


the downside to getting cabinets from the restore - i found i had an extra 15" - but no matching cabinets to the set I bought - so eventually, I'll paint all the wood toned cabinets the same color - sort of an espresso color - I'm also planning to put trim above the cabinets to bring them all the way to the ceiling and add crown molding... just won't get to it right now...

living room from hallway with arched opening:


from the doorway - looking toward hall to bedrooms/bath (small arch) and kitchen/banquette nook/laundry (large arch)


Nearly finished! I have my new tenants moving in soon - that'll give me time to finish the exterior painting over the next couple weeks. The yard is a mess - but that's a a project to take on when I live there and have completed my addition. what do you think? what's your vote for the banquette seating... I'm leaning toward a soft black.

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