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How do you know you're getting a quality faucet?

15 years ago

DM just bought a Moen faucet at Lowes. It looks identical to the Moen Castleby that I've seen on Faucet Depot. When we got home, the base of the spout turns out to be plastic. I look at the specs on Faucet Depot and it says "metal construction with chrome plated or LifeShine stainless finish." The Lowes faucet was only $88 and the Faucet Depot faucet is about $125. Are these the same faucet? Or, is the FD faucet really all metal and the Lowes faucet just a cheaper version? She definetly doesn't want any plastic on the faucet.

Here is a link that might be useful: Faucet Depot Moen Castleby

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