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Do I really need to book match my granite?

10 years ago

My question is about book matching granite -- whether or not it is really necessary. I'm sure it depends on the grain and direction of the granite, where you put the seam, etc. But I'm curious to know what people have done in this regard.

The granite I want is much more expensive than what I was planning to spend orginally. However if I only buy one slab the additional expense is not that bad. I also figured out that I only need one slab to cover the square footage required, and this could be done with just one seam at the sink, and I'd still have some granite to spare. Buying two slabs to book match my counter seems extravagant to me.

As a side note, I was curious to hear if people have put their seams at the sink. My kitchen designer commented to me yesterday that fabricators are not doing it that way any more.

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