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Did You Seam Your Butcher Block

13 years ago

While I was looking for cabinets today, the place next door had hardwood flooring (it's funny when there is so much to remodel, every store has something you need). As I'm looking at flooring, I notice 2 pieces of butcher block. The salesman obviously sees that I've been sidetracked and why I came into the store has been sidelined (I think remodeling has brought out the ADD in me).

For our kitchen layout, we have a 15' counter run and would have a seam under the sink. We could use two 2' x 8' pieces but it would be the ends joining and wouldn't have the staggering that is throughout the BB top. How does that look ultimately after finishing? Even though quite hidden, can I see any of your seams that are butted up?

For our island that is 4' x 10' we'd have to seam it down the middle with two 2' x 12' pieces. Though the grain would follow quite well, it would be straight down the middle of the island for the world to see. How well can these be seamed together DIY.

The pieces are solid cherry 1 1/2" thick. We have about 75 sq feet of counters. The materials would only be $1400. That said I don't want it to look shabby. Close up pics would be best but I need whatever you have. Thanks.

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