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Adding 1/4' drywall to existing HEAVY knockdown texture walls

10 years ago

So I have decided instead of paying thousands upon thousands for a professional to come in and skim coat and sand HEAVY knockdown texture walls, where itll be dusty all over etc for weeks, I will have someone add 1/4" drywall to the walls.

My main question is since they are adding 1/4" drywall wouldn't this cause issues with hiding some of the crown molding and baseboards? If I had to buy new crown molding and baseboards doesnt that costs thousands? Also how difficult would it be to re-do the outlets correctly when adding the 1/4" drywall?

The 1/4" drywall seems like the best solution because I have at least 800 linear feet of walls that have this insane knockdown texture on it that I want removed. I'm just concerned when this happens the molding will not look right. What can I do?

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