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Anyone have antique pine floors?

15 years ago

Hi all,

I am (or was) strongly leaning towards putting in antique heart pine floors (3-5" random width) in the kitchen and family room we are remodeling. Now I'm getting contradictory opinions on whether they can/should be installed over radiant heat, and on whether they will hold up well. From what I've read, the antique heart pine should be very very hard - so I'm surprised that some have told me they don't hold up very well. And I was told by the mill that as long as the wood is allowed to acclimate in the house and as long as we run the radiant heat for a couple of days before we install the floor (to get rid of residual moisture in the joist or whatever they are called) we should be fine. Any real life experiences out there, with or without radiant heat? I'm not looking for perfection (it's an old house and I don't mind "character") but if we are going to be getting splinters in our feet or if it's going to warp significantly, obviously it isn't for me. Pictures are great too if you have them. Thanks so much! (This is also a cross post with flooring - figured I'd better cover my bases!)

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