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Can I paint a bathroom green?

11 years ago

I'm talking about an upstairs hallway bathroom, the "kids" bathroom.

I painted it Constellation, and it's pretty scary during the day. (see linked post for the saga). The hallway is Baltic Gray (with Wrought Iron ceiling). I don't want to go too dark in this room with the paint. (The cabinets have just been gel stained espresso and the floor will be a dark porcelain tile that looks like wood.

I have bits of green (pear green, wasabi, that sort of thing) in the house. I would like to do this bathroom a shade of green....not sure if I should do Wasabi up there since I have it downstairs and it is "special" by keeping it there. I'm thinking of dill pickle or something that isn't your grandma's green, you know what I mean?

Palimpsest had cautioned me once on Not using green in the masterbath due to "make-up" issues, and it really is a valid point. But what about a hall bathroom? I think the green would look sharp, otherwise if I go with another gray I am facing being shunned by the entire family. (And this group really sees anything that isn't a "color" as gray. It doesn't help that my ds is also colorblind and in his eyes, most things are gray!)

Here is a photo of the dill pickle in a stairway from Houzz. I have my suspicions that it doesn't look like this in real life--since the other color is Mesa Verde Tan, and I have that sample and it looks nothing like the photos!


contemporary staircase design by san francisco interior designer Amoroso Design

Here is a link that might be useful: Blue Bathroom Thread--the nightmare

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