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Hardware for French door and french door sliders

15 years ago

I am not quite sure what the handles should look like for my french doors with divided lites in my dining room that open out to my patio. I am confused about the choices for locking the door. I want the door to be secure yet decorative and not too heavy looking. I am curious to see what others have chosen for this type of situation. I was about to choose something which I now feel looks like an entry door handle with a dead bolt. I like the idea because it seems more secure then the suggested sliding bolt located on the inside portion of the door and the sliding bolt mounted to the inside front of the door towards the top of the door. I initially did not like the idea of seeing sliding bolt on the top portion of the door. I do not know if I have made myself clear, but regardless if any of you have pictures of your french door which is not your main entry door I would love to see the type of handles and locks you have used.

Also I have beautiful sliding french doors with divided lites in my family room. The handles they offer for the door are very basic. I have not been able to find other choices on the various internet sites. If any of you have nay suggestion on where to look and under what heading I would apprieciate it. Sliding door handles or sliding french door handles has not revealed anything that I would be interested in. Again if any of you have any pictues I would very much appreciated seeing what they look like and where you got them. Thanks for any help you can provide

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