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Same Wood Floors for the Entire House?

13 years ago

Hi Everyone :-)

DH and I are in the process of buying a 3300 sq ft fixer upper! Yikes! My husband calls it an "Adventure". This will be all DIY since we have more skills and time than we do discretionary funds. IÂll be hanging around a lot and asking questions from time-to-time if you all donÂt mind too much.

Are there favorite publications and/or web sites I should subscribe to???

My first decorating question is about flooring. Everything needs to be replaced  not all right away  but at least one bedroom does. We like wood floors. Should we plan on doing the entire house in the same wood flooring? Is this an elegant thing to do? My gut says that it is, but I really have no experience and zero confidence. DH doesnÂt think we should do wood in the laundry room or the bathrooms. He probably has a point there.


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