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light granite, oil stains. not sure if ever sealed or how to seal

16 years ago


sooo, just got done figuring out that the disgusting smell in my basement is due to a dead animal under my porch which we cannot remove so i have to live with it until it decomposes.

now, i go in the house to find my light colored kitchen granite coutnertops that i had installed about 6 months ago have oil stains on them from the brushetta i made last night when a few of my friends came over.

what do i do now? how do i get this stain up? i think i need to seal my granite, though i have granite in an apartment i rent and have never sealed it and it looks great. should i get a professional sealer to come in and do it? the granite is light and i do not want to screw it up. please help me.

i am very tired, i am a single woman and trying to manage this home, job and my dog--who just started to limp today too. help me help me. i love my new kitchen, love my job, love my family and neighbors, just tired of each day waking up to a new problem .


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