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Help with Door (Outward swinging, need screen)

14 years ago


As a part of a remodel, we're having to replace a 6 foot slider with a single 36" door (exterior - all glass with just a frame) - which has an outswing and access to our deck (from the kitchen). Given that it is an outswinging door - I absolutely do not want to put a screen door on the interior (we're doing a kitchen remodel and this just wont do). We're hoping to find a solution to this problem.

Does there exist for example an exterior door (all glass)- where maybe there is a built in screen door (you know - like how there are windows with built in blinds :) ). I"ve been googling for days now - and one that I've found is something called "stoett retractable doors". No local dealers of course. Can somebody give me some input, guidance please? Thanks a lot!

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