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Is this closet big enough for a full sized stacked washer/dryer

15 years ago

Hello all-

We are remodeling our kitchen and would like to relocate the laundry out of our mudroom area because it is very tight there and we'd like to use some of the space as a result of the kitchen remodel.

We are considering moving it to a closet area on the other side of the 1st floor. Originally we were going to "steal" some space from the adjacent bathroom, however, that forces us to also remodel that entire bath which will run us a lot of $$ even though that bath remodel isn't a large priority.

Can you please look our layout and let me know what you think?

1) Do you think that space is too tight? The 'nook' we are considering using is 36" wide. The width of that wall is 5'6"

2) As far as plumbing and electric, do you think it's doable without a HUGE amount of cost (i.e. not $5000)

3) We could also consider moving it upstairs into my kids' bathroom, but there is only a 24" wide space (and we'd need 27") so would force us to remodel that bath. But, is it weird to just have a w/d in a bathroom without it being a laundry room?

Thanks in advance!

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