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Municipalities feeling the crunch

15 years ago

I don't doubt this is reality,but when times were great,why wasn't anyone preparing for the eventual "softening" of real estate/economy and in turn, tax revenue for the local government?

I have observed the absurdity of local governments in NJ blow literally millions of dollars.The concept of regionalization and shared services doesn't exist to any noticible measure. Is it necesary for towns with 10,000 or less residents to have a full police staff,volunteer fire departments,all decked out with the latest and greatest apparatus.Fully staffed and supplied department of public works...

How about school districts,with layers of administrators,that could easily be "merged" with nearby school districts and actually provide better opportunities and curriculum for students?

NJ is loaded with wasteful spending, and until local governements realize "home rule" doesn't work economically,taxpayers will bear the brunt of this..

Here is a link that might be useful: small town blues

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