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VOTE ... Which Cabinet Door (narrowed down to 2 choices)

12 years ago

Here are the 2 doors for consideration. Both would be in Cherry with a Chestnut stain same as door on the right. Both would have raised panel doors, but the drawer fronts on both will be flat (not raised as pictured on right).

The door on the left is $800 less (I like that!). It has a curve leading up to the raised panel, where the door on the right has a curve ending in a little bitty "ledge". I like the curve on the left door better especially because I think it would be easier to keep clean. This house will be a weekly vacation rental, so cabinets will probably only be wiped down when I am there in the off season. The door on the left has a rounded outside edge, where the one on the right has a slight (ogee?) detail on the outside edge (hard to tell in the picture). I like the detail on the outside edge of the right door better than the left because it looks dressier. Our inspiration kitchen is jodi_in_so_calif with the beautiful Fire & Ice backsplash !!

Question ... when turning a corner with frameless, how much filler is needed ? I just want to make sure my KD isn't giving up more than is needed. I used to think I really wanted frameless, but now I'm not so sure "it's all that". For example, with cabinet doors, yes there is the face frame, but at least you still have access to the space inside the cabinet behind the face frame !! With frameless, that space is used with fillers *outside* of the cabinet, so you lose space !! Also, with drawers, yes you gain interior space with frameless, but then you lose space with fillers outside of the drawer cabinet. Especially when your kitchen turns 5 corners like mine. Thank goodness for Ultracraft cabinets where my cabinets can be semi-custom sized to the 1/8 inch !!!!

Please feel free to vote on my vent hood in the other thread ...

Another question ... there are cabinets over my prep sink. It is 18" to the light rail (+1.5" to the bottom of cabinet). It's not my main sink - is there a problem with this ? (please say "no problem"!!). See cabinet layouts ...

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