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Need advice on office organizing from realtors

15 years ago

DH and I have accepted positions managing a small yacht brokerage office. The owner has his office in a nearby town, and has provided us with our own equipped office (computer, file cabinets, desks, supplies, website). The last time I worked in an office was pre-computer days. I have basic computer skills but not to the point of running a paperless office. DH has fewer office skills and likes to keep random notes and forms within view on his desk. It falls to me to keep him organized. I'd like to hear from realtors to know how they keep track of people who come into their offices or call or email, requesting a particular kind of property. Although we sell boats, I think the situation is the same. Do you start a file folder for each search? Write notes in one notebook? Copy all emails to paper? Keep track on computer? I'll appreciate any advice.

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