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Leathered/Brushed Quartzite Countertop

8 years ago

Hi All, I have gathered so much helpful info from these posts as I have been obsessing over my kitchen remodel. I am now at the stage where I am ready to order countertops and was hoping to gather some opinions.

Our cabinets will be white, shaker-ish & frameless (cabico espresso line). We will have dark hardwood floors (1-1/2" boards, which will match the original floors in the living & dining rooms of our 1930 colonial house). I would say that I'm overall going for a mostly traditional look, leaning transitionalish. I especially don't want anything too fussy. I have two young kids (4-1/2 & 2-1/2) and one on the way.

I am drawn to the idea of white quartzites given their indestructibleness + marble look. But I don't want to totally break the bank either. I went to a stone supplier earlier this week and saw something called Angelica Quartzite w/ a "satin finish" (this was bumpy, I think similar to leathered or brushed, brought out the sparkly bits). My KD got a price from a fabricator that is pretty close to what the price would be for a black granite (which I'm also considering - like via lattea or virginia mist) or River White granite.

I'm pretty excited that I've found a reasonably priced quartzite that I really like. They price I got for the calacutta quartzite would be about 50% higher. I brought a sample home and my husband thinks the satin finish is wierd and that we'll regret it. I can probably talk him into it. But is he right?

Thoughts? What would you do? I'm going to try to post a picture of the slab (the door in the picture is the same color as my door but my door will have a flat panel).


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