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What else can I do to redecorate my living room?

9 years ago

Hello all!

This is my first time posting to this forum. Anyway, I bought my first home 11 months a go. As much as being a first time home owner is amazing, it can also be stressful! When renting apartments, I was never too bothered if my living area was decorated nicely or not. Everything was always neat and tidy, but I didn't go out of my way to make it pretty, for lack of better words. Now that I own my home, I have became obsessed with making everything perfect. My house is a small, cottage style home..about 1,000 square feet. The house was built in the 70's, but the previous owner tore most of it down to the ground in 2007 and rebuilt and renovated it. He is a good handyman, so he did most of it himself. I think he did a great job!

Anyway, Upon entering the front door, there is a nice sized mud room where we keep our jackets and shoes. We have a medium sized kitchen, a small-ish living room, a medium sized laundry room/pantry, one full bathroom, a narrow hallway, two bedrooms (one big, one small) and a large wooden deck out back. Our yard is small, but big enough to fit several gardens, a play cottage, slide and swing set. One of the bedrooms is my 3 year old daughters. I turned the other bedroom into a playroom for my daughter. She has so many toys that they wouldn't all fit in her bedroom..not neatly anyway. Due to this, my husband and I had been sleeping on a pull out couch in the living room since we moved in. My mother had bought us a red leather pull out sofa a few months before we moved in. It was a nice couch, but not really my cup of tea. Not to mention, so uncomfortable. The springs felt like they were popping out of the mattress. The walls in our living room are a light green, sort of sage color. We plan on having them repainted sometime in the near future, but haven't had the time or funds to do so yet. The red couch didn't look so good with the green walls.. at least I didn't think so. All of our furniture (TV stand, dresser, side table, coffee table) is 100% pine wood. My mother also bought that for us as a gift. I'm not the biggest fan of brown wood. My style is more simple, shabby chic, cottage influenced.

Ok, so to the point: Two months a go, I got so sick of the brown wood, red couch and everything else that I decided to re-do everything. I couldn't afford to buy all new furniture so I had to figure out how to finish the job myself. I painted all the pine furniture with a ivory colored milk paint. It ended up coming out nicely, although not as great as I hoped. It has a nice distressed look, though, which is what I was going for. Not too bad for my first paint job. Then, I sold our pull out couch on Craigslist. I only got $150, but that's okay. I used that money towards buying something new. Now, it can be difficult making a bedroom/living room combo look nice. I wanted to make it so during the day, it looked like a living room but at night it looks like a bedroom. I went on Rachel Ashwell's, Shabby Chic website. I found an adorable "Russian Folk Bed." It looks kind of like a day bed, but it's beautiful. They had a bunch of mismatched throw pillows on it, and it gave it a great touch. It was a twin size, which is kind of small but I wanted it anyway. Well, when I went to order it I found out it costed $2000 plus $450 shipping! Way too expensive for me, so sadly I had to keep looking. I ended up buying a full sized platform bed made of wood with a white wash over it. I bought a 8" Memory Foam mattress to go with it. The bed + mattress only cost me $600. Already I was saving a ton compared to the folk bed. I set the bed up against the wall going it looked more couch-y than bed-y. I bought one with no headboard, because I didn't want it to look like a bed. Next, I went to Target and bought 6 Simply Shabby Chic throw pillows. I was happy that I still was able to incorporate some of Rachel Ashwell's line into my living room. They were priced at $30 a piece, but they were on one get one 50%. Couldn't beat that. I bought light blue, sage, light pink and ivory colors. Some have floral designs. They're beautiful. Definitely worth the money.

OK, so I am including pictures of the before and after of my living room. I have a lot more that I want to do but I can't decide what. I'd like to repaint the walls, but not sure what color. Maybe ivory with a light blue accent wall? I want to do more redecorating, but I'd like to keep the price down as much as possible. I've done a lot of research online trying to find inspiration but cant find anything that appeals to me. What else can I do to change the look for the better? Any tips, advice or inspiration is appreciated! Thank you all for listening to my long redecorating story! Once the living room is complete, I plan to move on and redecorate the other rooms in my house! If you have any tips on that, as well, I'd love to hear. Thanks again :)


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