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price/appeal of a semi-finished basement

13 years ago

Prep'ing to sell, I've wanted to resurface (with some type of light texture/cement finish) the basement walls before waterproofing them, and perhaps put floor tiles or linoleum over the cement floor. (Haven't priced flooring yet.) Since the walls have 65 years of waterproofing, ugly lumps, bumps, and depressions from changing heating systems, etc, - it's not a job I look forward to - though would like to think it would be attractive (not only moreso to me!) to a buyer. I imagine it being more useful/attractive to anyone with children, pets, various hobbies, and exercise space/equipment. I have some casual furniture (eg, futon, table/chairs and bookshelves) to put there.

The house is a very well-kept 1800 sq ft, plus attached garage, good sized yards and lovely landscaping/gardens. The 3 bedrooms include a rather large master + bath, 2 medium sized bedrooms + hall bath. There's a den, dining room and large living room w/fireplace, etc. The kitchen is 8 yrs old; bathrooms 'updated' (fixtures). Attic access is only through a closet ceiling entrance. I've added closets/space.

I know many details go into the picture/pricing, so giving just an overview. IF OTHER THINGS ARE GENERALLY EQUAL (between homes for sale), can I expect that my work on the basement would be worthwhile (both in terms of pricing and interest)? I'd love to add a powder room, as all baths are on the 2nd floor; I'm going to talk to a plumber, as I could frame, etc, it myself (ie, with the help of friends!). (Obviously, fully refinishing it is not in the cards for me at this time.)

I hope this question seems reasonable to those of you with more experience/knowledge about such things.

Thank you for any input or thoughts!

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