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Partitioning off exercise room in garage

14 years ago

We have a three-car garage with a double door and a single door. We're going to use the single door side for the exercise room. This is Texas so will need AC in the summer, and are going to use two of those freestanding units, vented out the two windows when in use. We will insulate the door on the inside. Garage is all nicely drywalled.

What about the partition, which will run from front to back of the garage? Do you think a wall of vinyl vertical blinds will be enough as a barrier to keep in the AC when we're out there? (Installed cost: $750) Or do we need to put up a full-fledged wall? DH is smart but not that experienced at carpentry, but has found out the materials for this are only about $100, and so wants to try it. It sounds simple enough, but thinking is easier than doing.

Do you have any suggestions for a more solid wall (or partition going about 7' up) that would be easier for a DIY project? I'm thinking of lining up hollow core interior doors as a wall/partition and somehow connecting them.

Will also ask over at AC/heaing and decorating.

Thanks, all, I appreciate it.

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