Worth it to make a 2-bedroom a 3-bedroom?

9 years ago

We own a 2 bedroom house in a family neighborhood on one acre in a rural area of NJ. The house is unusual in that there are two attached, one-car garages--one on either side of the house. We are considering converting one of those garages into a third bedroom--it would make a nice-sized master (the two existing bedrooms are 12x12 each). The fact that we have electric baseboard heat means that we don't have to worry about the size of the furnace (since we don't have one) or running ($$$) plumbing. We will be doing the work ourselves.

Just in case these details are important, we chose the garage that is next to a 1/2 bath. The other, full bath, is between the two existing bedrooms. The square footage of the house would increase from 1,150 to about 1,500 in a neighborhood of mostly three bedroom homes.

The question is this---will this project likely result in a worthwhile increase in value?

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