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switch to stainless dishwasher before listing?

11 years ago

We're supposed to be putting our apartment on the market. And our dishwasher conked out.

Right now we have all white appliances, to match the white counters atop our dark cabinets.

A real-estate guy suggested we replace them all with stainless, but I'm not keen on it simply because I really like my stove (getting similar features in a stainless would be a lot more money--and the stove is only 5 years old); and I *need* to have a fridge that will hold the magnetic towel bar (tiny kitchen).

Plus, we aren't on the market yet, and even once we do, it can can many months to get to a deal. So that's a long time to live with something like an inferior stove.

We're debating, do we replace the dishwasher with white, so it still looks the same? (I think it looks nice w/ the white, since the counters are white; it looks fresh to me.) And so all the appliances match?

or do we replace the dishwasher w/ stainless, which would look more conventional w/ the dark cabinets & stainless pulls? Then the appliances wouldn't match, but the dishwasher is on the opposite wall from the other 2 appliances (and it's visible from the dining room; they aren't.) We could make the switch to stainless later, once we actually *are* on the market.

We need to either repair the OTR microwave (the vent grid is broken; I think we just need to order one), or replace it. Repairing would be easiest, and cheapest. The one we have is a convection; if we replace it, I'm not spending for that again!

Any suggestions?

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