Marble countertops, marble floor too much?

10 years ago

Hi All! I've been so inspired by all the honed marble photos that we're going to do that in my mom's huge kitchen remodel project. She's going to knock down 3 interior walls in her downstairs area and turn it into a huge open floor plan. We've been to the slab yards and just love the Carrara or the Calacatta Oro honed marble counters with creamy white cabinetry, but we're having a hard time deciding on the floors. Her oak floors were laid 10 years ago and now they look t e r r i b l e !! I mean huge gouges from knives dropping, scratches from the dog everywhere, plus just large sections of worn area in the high-traffic areas. Is this normal after just 10 years, or was it just a bad job to begin with? We're thinking the only way to have a long lasting floor with the kitchen might be more marble? The only problem is that Carrara has more of that grayish look, and most of the travertine options are beigy. We found a nice white honed Bianco Rosa marble, but we put a large 18 x 18 tile near the door and the moment I stepped on it you saw my entire dusty shoe print....sigh...what to do?! Does a super strength varnish exist in wood? Thanks --Elizabeth

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