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Wood range hood vs stainless steel hood restrictions - need help

12 years ago

I am currently in the process of helping my parents remodel their kitchen. After weeks of us designing on our own, my mom finally agreed on a layout I came up with. She has a 30" freestanding GE gas range (with interchangeable center grill to griddle) and double ovens below. Above we have exactly 30" between cabinets for the wall mounted range hood. We are still going back and forth between a wood hood versus stainless steel.

Here is where we have issues. We found our cabinets and the guy we are working with said we cannot have a 30" wood range hood because the insert would be too small. He said we have to change the upper cabinets on each side of the hood making them 3" smaller to allow for a 36" hood. Then he said if we went with a stainless steel hood, we could use a 30" hood but we would still have to keep the smaller upper cabinets because you have to allow for space between the stainless steel and the cabinets. If you can't use a 30" wood hood over a 30" range, what ranges do they fit over then? And I have seen pictures and models where the sides of the stainless steel hood butt up against the cabinets. I'm so confused by what we are being told. Any information anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.

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