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errors in cabinets -- how to fix and what to expect?

After 2 months of waiting, I finally got my cabinets. Well, of course there are problems and mistakes. We are still unpacking the cabinets, but one of the more puzzling (and annoying) issues is that I ordered soft-close (and paid for the upgrade) doors for all of the cabinets, and inexplicably half of the cabinets have soft-close hardware, and half of them have plain old hinges. There is no rhyme or reason to where they are located -- some of the wall cabinets have the correct hardware, and some of the base cabinets have the correct hardware; it almost seems like every other cabinet.

I called my KD and told her that she (or her company, or the manufacturer) needs to come out and install the correct hardware. I am up to my neck in other projects, and my contractor has his hands full as well. I know it's a pretty simple thing, but this is not the only mistake on the cabinets, and I feel like it's not my responsibility to fix someone else's error. My KD balked at my suggestion that someone needs to come correct the mistake; she wants to mail me the correct hardware and have me do it myself. I explained to her how busy I am and that I feel it is her (or the manufacturer's) responsibility to fix this error, but she does not agree.

Am I being unreasonble? I paid extra for the hardware, and I expected the manufacturer (Medallion) to install it all correctly at the factory. What is a reasonable expectation for the KD or manufacturer to correct errors??

I am so frustrated!!! Worse case scenario I can call my credit card company and initiate a chargeback, since I did not receive the goods/services that I ordered. But I would really prefer to resolve this without having to return everything and starting from scratch. I did mention the potential for a chargeback to my KD, and she sounded more willing to negotiate, but I am concerned that I will have to threaten that for every little thing.

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