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Old furnace in house purchase.. post inspection.

15 years ago


I need some help. I am purchasing a home and god willing closing in 2 weeks. Had home inpsection today, the 22 year old Bryant furnace is definetly past its useful life and most likely in need of repair. It shuddered starting up, the draft induce ran for some time before igniting burners, once ignited it took even longer for blower to ignite, seems the electric start kept trying to keep burners lit. Finally the blower kicked on. The inspector didnt deem it "defective" since it finally started running, and recomended a HVAC contactor take a look because its beyond the scope of a general home inspection. My opinion, with some but limited HVAC knowledge, it is dead... definetly not effficient, and quite possibly a safety hazard.

I would like a new sealed combustion unit installed with matched AC unit.

I dont feel comfortable sleeping in home without clean and check from an HVAC company. Midwest weather is looming. If you were moving into home in 2 weeks and you couldnt get back into home for a few estimates for replacement, or a clean and check until a few days after you take possession, how would you proceed?

If at clean and check from HVAC co. they find the heat exchanger shot, is that something I can later seek reimbursement from seller. Obviously old doesnt mean seller is responsible, but funky starting furnaces, possible cracked heat exchangers would be? Please help...

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