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Undercounter speed oven vs. MW drawer and Breville smart oven

12 years ago

I am torn between getting a Miele speed oven (installed undercounter) and doing a microwave drawer with a Breville countertop smart oven. The advantage of the speed oven of course is that one appliance does it all and I don't lose a bit of counter space to the smart oven. Also, no matter how good the Breville oven is, I can't imagine that it could possibly be nearly as good as the Miele. The disadvantage of getting the speed oven is that because the only place I have for it is below the counter, it won't be at the most convenient height for microwaving.

My other oven will be in my 36" BS range. Since there are just two of us at home, I anticipate that the speed oven or countertop oven would be used more than the oven in the range. We use the stovetop much more than the oven, though, so the primary use of the speed oven would be as a microwave.

I know that people don't love having an undercounter microwave, which is why the microwave drawers are an appealing solution. But if I do the microwave drawer, then I have to have the countertop oven.


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