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Ordered Bianco Carrara Countertops- Finally!

13 years ago

Finally took the plunged and ordered the marble countertops yesterday! A real dream of mine for many years.

It's a bit of a different process, though, through the designers here. I paid for the job, and they come and template next week. The following week the marble slabs come up from Boston, and I pick mine out and they lay out the templates while I am there. Then they come and install.

I ordered honed. They come sealed, and then they spray some sort of sealant on them at the end of installation. I have to try and remember the name of the sealer everyone likes here so I can have some on board to seal when they leave.

Very exciting day for me!

Since we have to be 100% completed at out home appraisal in 2 weeks, I have too go with painted chipboard countertops for a few weeks- but that's ok!

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