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We made an offer! - And a list of those we didn't buy ;)

15 years ago

Whew! We just finished an intense week of house hunting in a 'buyers market' and made an offer today (two more set aside as back-ups). We looked at over 70 houses and our buyers agent previewed many more.

Tongue in cheek, I thought I'd share a little of our experience. Remember, this is a buyers market.

Here are the houses we didn't buy:

The FSBO one that only did showings after 6:30pm

The short sale that refused to let us in at 5:20pm because they "don't do showings after 5".

The one with the realtor we couldn't get ahold of to schedule a viewing.

The one that required 24 hour notice before a viewing.

The one that refused a viewing because the lady of the house was "too busy canning".

The one with the teenager slouching in the filthy kitchen.

The one with the two yapping dogs loose and running around in the MB.

The one with a room dedicated to displaying over 100 pairs of Michael Jordan shoes.

The one with the above ground pool and hot tub with owners who refused to remove them.

The one with a kitchen ceiling covered in black & white ceramic tile.

The one with a contingency that the current owners find a new house.

The one with the tropical fish print wallpaper in the Mbath AND on the Mbedroom walls.

The one that had carpets stinking so strongly of dog and/or cat pee that we couldn't breath.

The one with the HUGE spider in the HUGE spider web draped across half the front porch.

The one that installed "new gourmet" with granite kitchen counters and then completely covered them with junk and grime.

The houses we enjoyed viewing and seriously considered making offers on:

The out-dated but immaculately clean and well-maintained home.

The one with the yummy smelling bread baking on the counter top.

The one with the tired mom of a sick toddler who let us look anyway AND offered us lemonade.

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