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Need your vote: where would you prefer the laundry?

Stacey Collins
10 years ago

Hi all,
I have not been around in a while because we've had some problems with my daughter and the house renovations were put on hold for a while.... but we're (hopefully) getting back to normal and I'd love to finish the house so we can enjoy it for a year before we have to sell it!

So here's the dilemma.... do we change the current laundry location or not?

-- House is one-story as shown in the plan.

-- Resale is very important, ~2 years from now. We've renovated to high-end standards because of the neighborhood, so this is not a first-time buyer or compromise type of home. it is, however, pretty small compared to most at ~1800 sf.

--We currently use the small room in the top middle as an office/studio, so having the BIG walk-in storage closet with the stacked washer/dryer in that room is very convenient. There are excellent shelves and storage there, and bi-fold doors.

--However we will be marketing the house as a 3BR when we sell it, so someone might use this as a kids room or guest room. For that reason, we are considering re-working the doors/walls as shown in the second photo to reconfigure the big closet into two. One smaller one for the bedroom, and move the door around to the hall so that the laundry is acccessed from the hall.

-- The thing I do not like about that is that the main sight-line in the house is straight down that hall. There is currently a painting on that wall which is nice to see. If we do this, you will see a door instead.

-- In addition, its another big expense/project to do. With the difficulties with our daughter (uninsured medical expenses) we have gone $12,000 into debt already, which will come directly out of the equity when we sell. So we need to carefully consider all future expenses. The benefit in resale really needs to be there. For instance we will probably go ahead with plans to create a finished basement area because that will likely pay back at resale.

So, the question is, how important do you think this is? How much would it affect you if you were looking at this home to buy? Which would you prefer?

Thanks for your input!!

(This is the existing layout with stackable w/d in large walk-in closet off the small bedroom/office...)

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