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addition to a 1905 hip roof house -- help!

16 years ago

I posted this first in the old house forum, but haven't gotten response, so I'm trying the remodeling forum.

My husband and I are starting to work with an architect to design an addition for the back of our 1905 hip roof home. If we do a two-story addition, we are concerned about how the new roof will tie into the old roof.

Can anyone please show me photos of additions that connect to a hip roof? We love the way our house looks from the outside now, and would just hate to spend the next 15 years regretting how we've changed it.

Our plan is to add a new kitchen, pantry, half bath and screened porch on the first floor and a bath and bedroom on the second floor...nothing huge. We expect that it will be about 16x16 or 17x17 per floor. We're just worried that it could overwhelm our house.

Here are a couple of photos of the house as it is now:



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