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Anyone else use Granite Transformations?

14 years ago

I just had my "Granite Transformations" coutertops installed and they are fantastic! The salesman, installer and plumber who came to hook up the sink were all prompt, courteous, professional and meticulously cleaned up after

themselves --a rare thing these days with contractors. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for an option that does not include demolition of your existing countertops.

The price fit my budget too. If anyone is curious, I paid about $80/square foot. A bit more than granite but much less hassel and I was only inconvenienced for "one" day.

I understand the company is a franchise and I am in the Phila PA area, so I can only speak to service I rec'd here. If anyone else has used them I would love to hear how yours turned out. Thx!

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