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Custom bookcases or trim out mass produced modular ones?

I want to redo a small bedroom as a library / sitting room with bookcases that are or look built in. There is only 1 long wall, all the others have either a window (one, right in the middle), a closet with folding doors, or the door into the room. I would like them to go floor to ceiling on at least the one uninterrupted wall, then maybe frame the window on either side and have a small window seat in front of it.

Is actually building built-ins a reasonable project for couple of DIYers? We are handy and have done some renovation, but are not carpenters.

There was a thread somewhere on these forums about using Ikea "Billy" bookcases and trimming them out to look built-in, but even though I searched all over I could not find the instructions. I donÂt want the thin-looking sides; they would have to be camouflaged with molding and more molding used top and bottom. If doing all that trimming, is it better to build from scratch?

For anyone who has done this: which is more cost effective?

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