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Took property off market - Realtor has list of buyers...

15 years ago

We just took a commercial property off the market. It had been listed since October 2006 and we've not had one offer - long story (see old post linked below if interested). We tried selling by owner initially, but then listed with a neighbor/friend. When we signed up, we had a few people we wanted to "exclude" or whatever you call it from the contract because we had found them. After going back & forth, we dropped some of them & she gave us 30 days, I thnk, but it might have been 2 weeks... - after that, if they came back, she would get her commission.

Now that the contract is up, she has requested to "register" 3 names of those she considers the most interested (one of which had contacted us directly prior to listing) and she says she has those people for 90 days.

Does this seem fair to you? She gave us 30 days, shouldn't she have 30 days?

Honestly I don't think it will get an offer in 90 days, but it's just the principal.

Here is a link that might be useful: quaint commercial property....

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