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I am ridiculously happy!!

10 years ago

My grandmother used to make quilts all the time, that's what she was known for. When I went to her home city in 2001 (she died in 1986), I approached her sister to ask if she knew of a quilt of hers that might be available for sale, but she said she couldn't help me. Anyway, my brother was here last week, and he was raised by my grandmother. My brother was cleaning out his attic and he found 29 finished dresden circles completed by my grandmother and 2 that were finished except for the centers. He discussed the situation with his wife, and they agreed that he would give them to me!! I was so excited, I couldn't sleep the night he gave them to me! I'm still amazed that I got them, and they are in perfect condition. I can hardly wait to put them together (although I have to figure out to do it).

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