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Help w/ window treatments for bay window in kitchen

13 years ago

I need some help. I have this lovely bay window in our kitchen and I don't know what to do with it. It currently has white vinyl mini-blinds that came with the house.


A request from my husband is that it not be anything like a valance because he is tall and he thinks it will obstruct his view out.

We have little kids so anything that hangs down on the sides is basically out (spaghetti on linen drapes?)

Usually we pull the blinds up but we do need something on here that we can close on hot sunny days or at night in the winter.

I think that leaves roman shades (which probably would come down too low), roller blinds - maybe linen?, or wood blinds.

In addition to this window there is also a window in the door. Right now it has a roller blind. Would you do something here to match or contrast?

If wood blinds, would you match or contrast the wood window?

I appreciate your help, I have not come up with much on my own. :) Thanks!

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