New here, long-time reader. Pictures of my recent remodel.

Lisa Lebeau
8 years ago

Hello all!
I recently purchased a beautiful home is a lovely city.
The home was absolutely perfect on the outside, the inside did very little for me. I started out very small in mind, I really only wanted to do so much and do the rest of my remodel in stages.... But November and December prove to be slow months works wise, so that left me with about 2 months to go at the home.

I started with the general living areas. The home has a sea of Chocolate brown carpet and Red walls.. Blah.
My 18 month old son was a lot of help;-)

I didn't like the white tile entry, so that had to go as well.

The masterbath had carpet, which I thought was tacky and might have posed a problem with odors in the future.

Onto the kitchen.
The kitchen had beautiful appliances installed already, but the appliances didn't match with the kitchen, nor did the countertop, Lino flooring, kitchen sink or backsplash. It REALLY NEEDED TO GO!

I'm not a fan of Dark cherry cabinets, but I know cabinets get expensive quick and thought of how much of a waste it would have been if I changed them. So I decided the black granite tile countertops had to go. Dark tops on dark cabinets don't go well. The kitchen felt SO dark..

Picking out a new kitchen sink posed a problem. I didn't want to spend an arm and leg on one, but The wife's choice was just that( I love you hunny bun) She decided on a apron front sink with a single basin. Due to having a 36" base cabinet with a 33" opening, I had to go with a kohler Dickinson sink. This was probably the easiest sink to install!
It was very expensive due to the size, but it was well worth not having any headaches with installing.

Picking out granite was very fun. We initially wanted to go cheap due to have a budget that I had already blown away, but I went with the "buy once, cry once" motto. For the kitchen we went with typhoon bordeux or AKA cream of bordeux. It was really the only thing that looked great with the dark red cabinets. It has lots of red veins that blend very well.
The edge I did, was an ogee edge in the kitchen. The rest of the home got rounded bullnose.

I had enough left over to do the laundry area.

Now to the master..
The whirlpool tub deck, backsplash, vanity top, master shower all had a very vanilla 2x2 square white tile. I decided that granite would look better in those areas. I went with a cheaper Santa Cicilia granite in the baths. No point in putting high-end stuff there.. IMO.

I am planning on painting this bathroom. The color is hideous.

Master shower torn out.
When tearing out the shower, I noticed that my pan had been leaking.
I wanted a more water-tight solution, so hot-mopping it was!
I tore out all the greenboard and replaced with 1/2" hardiebackie.

Doing the water-tight drain test.

Tub Deck


Mastershower with 3/8 shower doors

A friend of mine was able to score me a smoking deal on some close out tumble marble in a Versai pattern.

I did that tile pattern in 3 baths and the backsplash of my whirlpool tub.

Notice the tape, I'm in the process of painting.

Back to the kitchen..
I wanted a splash that wasn't too busy but would accent the tops.
This was a perfect match. I did undercabinet LED bar lights along with the splash.

Now for my favorite part. The home had a sea of chocolate carpet, it was very high quality 100% nylon carpet. I didn't want to trash it all, so I left it in the bedrooms and a small patch in the living area for my toddler to hang out.

Now, I really wanted hardwood floors.. But I didn't want museum like floors that I couldn't get comfortable on or have to ask people to remove their shoes when entering. Additionally with a crazy toddler, I wanted a floor that had a look of a nuke being dropped on them.
So we went with an engineered hardwood from mowhawk.
It is called "Zanzibar reclaimed antique elm" we picked out cherry color.

I didn't wanted a floating floor, the sound it can make is cheap, so I decided to glue it down to the concrete slab. It's really the best way on a slab.

Here is my favorite part:)

I really love how it turned out. It was a labor of love, but I would do it all over again. I'm actually pretty bummed out that it's finished.

I will post more pictures later!

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