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Need color advice - floors with red tones

9 years ago

DD and DSIL have finally put an offer on a house. DD would like to repaint the walls. In a more expensive house, she saw Revere Pewter with BM Ballet White trim - at least that is what the decorator's story board said. The Revere Pewter in that house, in that light had a very blue cast to it, which she liked. My sister has Revere Pewter in her LR/DR and she, too, thought it looked bluer than her house. Regardless, DD is going to paint something like BM Revere Pewter or BM Silver Gray or maybe BM Quiet Moments. (We will be painting sample boards before a final color is choosen!)

Will those colors work with the flooring (both tile and wood) in the attached picture? Or would it be better to just freshen the color that is there? Obviously the wood has loads of red in it. And when I look at the tile IRL, it too has lots of red. In fact, I had remembered the kitchen tile as a saltillo tile until I looked back at the photos. The granite in the kitchen looks like a very light St. Cecelia. It will work with most anything.

Any of the colors will work with her current furniture.

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