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unoccupied house dilema

15 years ago

My wife's parents house has been occupied by an elderly aunt, and she had to move to assisted living this week. The house is in Pittsburgh, and we are in Atlanta.

And, we need advice...

The house is in good shape, and will sit empty for at least a few months. Any tips on what to shut off, or what needs to stay on? (power and water will stay connected, appliances shut off. What does the heater need to be set at for the fall or winter? Should we leave the fan running?)

It is a very safe neighborhood, and neighbors will watch the house. I'd like to sell, but don't know the market. If we self-finance, we can't replace the house.

Sell or rent? We would buy a rental in Atlanta with the money, or a condo in San Diego (during the price dip), where my sons live, and we'd like to retire. This is only an option if prices drop a lot more, and we can rent it out.

The house looks like a movie set - exactly like it did when it was built in 64. For those in their 50's, imagine being able to walk back into your past like that! BUT, what do we do with the furniture if we rent? Or sell? Is an estate sale the only option?

Thanks. Any opinions appreciated. (unless they are political...) haha

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