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What kind of thread/yarn to tie a quilt?

9 years ago

Hi all. I'm mostly a lurker here. I've only completed one quilt, a small one. I posted pics here of the crib quilt I hand appliqued a year or so ago. But I hang out here all the time to see what you all are doing and to grab any helpful hints I can. I have a couple of quilt tops in the works now. Another crib quilt that I am machine appliqueing and a HUGE quilt for my teenage grandson. There is no way I am going to fit it on and around my sewing machine, so thought I would tie it. It is done in black, white, gray and red, with a black backing. I thought red would be a nice color to tie with. But I've checked online to see what type of thread or yarn to tie it with and there are lots of different answers - from embroidery floss to wool yarn. I thought I would ask what you all would recommend, because I really do think this group has ALL the answers. TIA.

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