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Help Pls - Entry Tile pattern too busy-tile guy on his way

13 years ago

I thought this would look great but I think it's too busy. rest of home will be 18 inch tile in brick pattern. entry is hopscotch with 6 x 6 mosaic insets, now I think it is too busy but I didn't like the border style most entries have. Visible entry is 5.5 feet by 8 feet. (closet doors are removed to lay tile). I also didn't want to do diagonal since rest of house is layed square. What to do?

Any and all pattern suggestions considered. thanks so much.

Looking at the photo I may have found a solution, what about using the 18 x 18 tile and the insets, that might be less busy than using the 12 x 12? what do you think?

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