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Stories from the Bathroom, Byebye Blue, Forget the Green.

11 years ago

You are all so kind with your helpful tips and suggestions.

Faron is helping me with some "technical" issues I'm encountering during this process. I don't think I've ever had "technical issues" with painting before. I won't bore you with the details.

So let's get down to the good stuff. Or maybe not the good stuff.

As you may recall. The bathroom was painted an ethereal blue, but it didn't quite look like what I had in mind:

From the hallway looking into the room and the mirror.

Then I went on the march to find the right sophisticated modern green. All signs pointed me back to BM Wasabi. It looked horrible in this room. In fact it made me a little nauseaus. As did all the greens. So, what to do? Weimeraner and Pashmina just looked "tan" in there.

The color from the master bathroom is looking better and better now....BM Nimbus:

But, I really want to give a color I've been "holding on to" a try. BM Dark Purple. It looks almost black, but you can tell it's purple. I'm scared now.

Here are some pictures from this am, very early, it was cloudy outside, it just rained. I have a really cool green lamp for the counter, and some bright artwork for over the toilet. Here it is, with the cabinets visible and the floor that I'll be using. Funny, now the floor looks "bright" since the wall is so dark.

From the hallway, looking in, tub/surround is reflecting in mirror. Darker color is the Dark Purple, other one is Autumn Purple (but just one coat) Same position as blue photo above, just to give you a far away look of how it will hit you when approaching:

DP on right, Autumn Purple (w/ 1 coat on left, didn't do a 2nd coat because I felt it was going too "pink", I can do a 2nd coat)

the above photo is "improved", the camera does that for you, but this is more what it looked like to my eye when I walked in this am, much darker:

So, bring it on. Will I regret it? Is it going to be just too over the top and insane? My hallway is kind of dark due to the Baltic Gray walls and Wrought Iron ceiling. So, will this make it worse?

You can't say "it's only paint" when you answer. This will be the 3rd color I am going to purchase. You didn't even get to see the Sherwin Williams color that we were sure was going to be a winner. So mint green on the wall.

Dh comes home Friday night. It would really really be good to make a decision and get this done before then.

I am open to going with Nimbus too if all else fails.

I like the idea of that roman shade, but if you have an idea for some sort of sheer window treatment that can also work for privacy, it might help lighten the room--fill me in.

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