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I hate my house: Should I stay or should I sell now?

14 years ago

I'm currently living in a house that I hate but have come to tolerate after 5 years. I know I will never love it and only hope I will grow to someday sort of like it.

I was casually looking (Who am I kidding -I'm always looking, on MLS at least a couple times a week) and found a home I like that appears to be priced very reasonably. It is soooo much nicer. So we are considering selling in order to go for that house but will lose about $30,000++ if we do. Our house is about $375,000. We have 9 years left on our current mortgage and the new mortgage would be a 15 year. Clearly staying put in the house I hate is much easier financially. Not to mention the stress of trying to sell in this market and the possibility of not getting the house we want.

So I'm looking for advice from people who have sold a house they hated to move to one they like better and if it was worth it.

Or if anyone stayed in a house they hate and have grown to love it, I'd like their advice too.


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