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Location of Skylight

14 years ago

Thanks everyone for all of their help in my past postings. All the help here has kept me somewhat sane during this renovation.

We opened up our kitchen ceiling to match the vaulting in the adjacent Breakfast nook and Family room. So it goes Kitchen (13 x 11 ft) then Nook (13 x 9 ft) then Family room (14 x 19ft) in a row. We like the contiguous flow of the rooms. We wanted to add velux skylight(s). 40 x 46" would be great, but think too big for Kitchen or Nook. Could get a 23" wide for each room, but putting in a smaller skylight is only slightly cheaper than the 40" wide, so ideally one 40" is the way I would like to go budget wise.

The Kitchen and Nook will be separated by a Penninsula/Bar that will be 48 inches wide. I was thinking of placing a 40 x 46 " window over the peninsula - so 1/2 light into each room. My GC doesn't like the idea, thinks it will break up the contiguous flow of the rooms. He thinks that if gonna put only one in, would prefer one 23" in Kitchen (it is the darkest of the rooms)

I hope this pic works, it is from me standing in Family room. Where the Dry wall ends is the location of the Penninsula/Bar and transition from Kitchen to Nook.


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