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Some thoughts on house listings.

11 years ago

I am an avid reader of home listings. We kind of want to move, but not immediately, so I'm doing a lot of browsing. I have the following observations.

For the love of Pete, have good pictures! There is literally no reason these days to have photos that are out of focus, look like they were taken by a hermit in a dark cave or otherwise look terrible. And yet I STILL see awful pictures, listing after listing.

If your house is older and you don't include pictures of some key part of the house (kitchen, bathroom), I will assume the worst. At least say something in the description to reassure me that the kitchen may be dated, but is not the horror of avocado green and wall to wall carpet I'm imagining if you don't have a picture.

Don't include pictures of local attractions. I realize the house is in a very pretty region with lovely near-bye parks, etc., but if that's five of your pictures, I assume the actual house is terrible.

I've noticed a recent trend including vignettes. Really, why? I don't need to see what the current owner has on their shelves. If you're trying to show me that the home has charming built-ins, pull the focus back so that's the clear focal point of the picture.

I would love it if more listings said something about the floor plan. I want to know how the rooms fit together. Where are the dining/living/kitchen in relation to each other? If there's an addition that was built at a different time, tell me how it integrates with the rest of the house.

If there have been minimal updates with a much older house, say something sensible about what HAS been updated. No really, I saw a listing for an eighteenth century house that said "all original, no updates". Does that mean there's no plumbing or heating?

In conclusion, I think all regulars on this forum know this stuff, but it is truly frightening how many people out there in the wide world apparently don't.

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