Please help me organize my drawers!

12 years ago

I just got two new 16x17 drawers (inside dim.) in my island and I'm not sure what to put in them. Here are the rest of my drawers - I unpacked some more things from the basement I had packed nearly 2 years ago to move, so we have more things than last month. And we have more things in drawers in this house than old house, but also have more drawers. We had bank of 3 drawers about the size of the 3 stacked in my island here, I think I had utensils in 2, junk in bottom, plus 1 18" drawer near the stove for potholders and can openers, 1 13" or so by the sink for dish towels, 1 24" under MW for silverware, and 1 24" desk drawer for pencils and such.

Here I have 2 13" drawers (18" cabinets) that I stuck DD's art supplies (never had those in old house) and silverware in. I like having the silverware right by the DW.



But I need a place for our keys, chargers, note pads, pencils, scissors here on the counter! The chargers have been sitting next to the MW and DH sets his Blackberry on top to charge which drives me nuts! I'm sure the heat's not good for it. We melted a crayon on our old white MW. But BB charger won't fit in plugmold and I don't want things charging on island where I prep/make coffee so we need to clear off counter near phone (put up shelf?) and charge there. Should I move DD's things to island (though I'd like to keep her away from prep area too)? The screwdrivers, etc. in the flowered basket in back are moving to the basement once I'm done spackling/painting and putting switchplates back up, and done pulling trim off to stain.


I have a long (36" cabinet) drawer on top of my pots & pans drawers that was the only one I could fit the bread board in, so all the cutting boards (well, almost all) and knives went in here. The knife block used to sit on the counter in old house b/c DS never climbed. I can't trust DD though. Also put my dish towels in here since sink is to left.


To the other side of the range I have 27" cabinet that I cleared (almost all - some small pieces of finished baseboard in back) the construction material out of and put my trivets and pot holders in. Roll of Contact paper sitting on right, once I'm sure this will work I'll cut it and put it in all the drawers.


In top drawer of island I just have thrown my rice paddles, spatulas, whisks, etc. that I need an organizer for. I think this drawer is about 15" wide x 16" deep (vanity not kitchen cabinet). Unfortunately a lot of these things are wide (egg beaters, plastic cake server) so I'm not sure what I can do to organize them.


In the middle I have a deeper drawer I put my hand mixer, immersion blender, parchment paper, and a (temporary) box with my frosting spatulas in it.


In the bottom I have my decorating tips and bags (in ziploc bags), a rolling pin and some almost-empty tubes of frosting. This is another deep drawer, the tips are small and the bags can go flat, so maybe this can be put in one of the 4" deep drawers with a proper organizer? I just threw them here when we moved in. Not sure the rolling pin will fit in 4" high drawer though.


And here is stuff I need to fit! Measuring cups (Tupperware shakers we use to mix eggs and oil will have to stay in corner cabinet with mixing bowls?), Tupperware scoops and egg separator, stuff like that in big ziploc bags. A place for crab/nut crackers and chopsticks, can openers, corkscrew, etc. The stuff in the dark brown boxes isn't essential (taco holders, lollipop sticks). The yellow mesh divider tray under them is empty - not sure we can reuse or if new (large) one or more would be better.


Whew! So much stuff! TIA for your help.

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