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Does anyone else like English country style?

14 years ago

I don't see a lot of people here talk about this style. I've fallen in love with the kind of rooms you see in English Country LIving magazines. I think of casual, almost shabby furnishings with mixed fabric patterns, (many florals), area rugs in yet another pattern. Casually slipcovered chairs and (sometimes large) ottomans (ottomen?) Walls seem often to be pale blue, or off white. Random pieces of antique furniture in medium or dark wood. Windows are often small, but I stray here. My house is on the dark side, and I like many, and large, windows. I've even done a 180 and have decided to go with a stone floor in the kitchen, after assuming for years I'd put in wood. And I LOVE British kitchen cabinetry, very basic frame and panel work with inset doors and drawers. Wooden countertops....

In a way it overlaps with cottage or even shabby chic. Does anyone else like this style?

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