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Does anyone on here actually have formica countertops?

10 years ago

Well...the verdict is in. The budget does not allow for the granite countertops that I had been hoping for. We had several things go over and thre is no room in the budget for anything but formica:(

Did any of you use formica for your new kitchen or remodel? Most of the kitchens on here are higher end, and beautiful but too pricey for me. I want to see updated with formica kitchens. I know they are out there and beautiful too:)

I am not worrried about resale because this is our forever house. I am sure we will upgrade to granite within the next few years but for now...formica it is.

Can I see pictures of your formica countertops? Any recommendations for a budget friendly formica color that goes with walnut cabinets and naural unstained white oak floors? Thanks so much for any help!

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