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Need paint color suggestions for almond kitchen ASAP!

9 years ago

Hi, I'm not sure why i waited till the last minute but painter is coming Tuesday to paint the home we're planning to list soon, hopefully just after he's done painting. I don't have photos because I'm here right now typing this on my phone and we've moved out already so there's no computer here, but the kitchen has 1980s almond colored appliances as well as matching tile backsplash and counters. Yea, it's a lotta yellow- almond.

My thoughts: a light gray might work in the way that grey and yellow can go together. But would sticking with a matching beige paint be safer? They say people don't want beige anymore. Remodeling the whole kitchen is out of the question and not worth it. What paint color would help almond kitchen fixtures look less terrible????

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